Saturday, February 23, 2008

Come out to the Coast, we'll get together...

This is ridiculous. Does everyone out west have fabulous houses?? First there was Lisa Kelly's western chic place and C.A.'s historic house in Austin, then Char and Charlie's to-die-for flat (along with her daughter's) and Leslie & Bill's great, homey place, all situated in fantastic spots in Seattle. Then Becky & John out-do even them with an incredible, custom-designed showplace in the best suburb of Portland, complete with woods & creek in back. To top them off, Bruce & Loree let me stay in their totally redone adorable bungalow, with custom built cabinetry, granite countertops and large hot tub out back, in (of course) the best area near San Francisco, with stone and natural wood everything, and a garage-turned-studio that I'm in right now as I type.
Everyone's place has tasteful earth-tone colors, stunning woods, textured walls, stone tiles, beautiful fixtures and furniture, and of course great local artists hanging on their walls. And to think I was proud of my dinky little Tuscan kitchen! I'm starting to get over my doubts about selling the place.

Just another note on flying: it can be interesting who you sit with on a plane. Like the guy next to me departing from Dulles who whipped out a huge laptop and proceeded to watch "Predator", the ultimate guy movie (quote from Jesse Ventura: "I ain't got time to bleed") which happened to be close-captioned, so I watched most of it also while, pretending to read. Or the Scotsman who sat in front on the Austin-Denver flight who wore a green tam-o'-shanter tilted at a rakish angle, who when asked about it, said it was a "Royal Scottish Mounted Brigadoon Cannoneers cap with Mackenzie clan plaid backdrop" or something to that effect.
Or the couple who just joined me coming down here from Portland, who bickered with each other, moaned something about "sardines in a can", (referring to the tight quarters, I presume), and then didn't speak a word to each other the entire trip. Perhaps they'd been vacationing together a bit too much-- I'm a firm believer in spending a few hours apart from your travel partner. Heck, on my next honeymoon I'll probably hardly ever see the bride.

Well, that's it for now. Bruce is taking me to Santa Cruz where we'll stay at a beach house, then on to Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea tomorrow. I can't wait.

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MozzarElla said...

Santa Cruz? Monterey?! Wow, looking forward to those pics!

Hey, how can I subscribe to your blog? I tried clicking next to Subscribe at the bottom of the main page, but it just displays older posts. (Maybe you chose to disable it.)

Have fun!