Wednesday, September 17, 2008

San Francisco Sunsets

I was only back in Virginia for two days when I was flying again, this time back out to San Francisco. I had been offered work by Rick, the vet who was in Romania in May doing spay/neuter clinics. I wanted to check out his clinic and some apartments before moving out there. So after a freezing flight on Virgin America which has one blanket and pillow on each flight (I kid you not, there was ONE blanket on the entire airplane), Rick met me with his truck and cool dog "Honey", a sweet mixed mutt he rescued while volunteering in Mexico.
He let me stay at his house in Vallejo, a beautifully-decorated and landscaped place high on a hill with a fantasic view of the bay. You can even just see the tops of the Golden Gate bridge towers when it's clear. l also met his daughter Gail and other little scrapper of a dog Russell. Rick left the next day for a trip to Alaska, and after a quick tour of the house, and a spin around Vallejo, I was alone to pet sit the dogs, 2 cats, and lots of plants to water. That night there was a beautiful sunset, which turned out to happen just about every night there. Man, that house is amazing; it would be worth it just for the sunsets there alone
I met up with old friends Bruce & Loree, who took me up to the nearby Napa wine country where we met another friend Cathy. We had a great lunch at a beautiful winery in Vacaville. Then we stopped by Muir woods and later the beach, where Honey had a great time exploring.

They also had a dinner party where I got to meet some of their friends, including their new puppy "Shiloh", an adorable little black German shepherd they just adopted. And of course old Tosca was there, their venerable little shar-pei/beagle mix that they've had since before even moving out there.

Another day cousin Chuck and I took the ferry out to Alcatraz, my first time there. They have a great audiotour of the whole prison complex-- very enlightening. Outside it was a sunny day and there's a fantastic view of the city from the island. Back in the city I had to get a chowder-in-a-breadbowl, and see the famous sea lions of pier 39, two things that are must-dos in San Fran. Check out this handsome guy preening in front of the camera-- no, not Chuck, I meant the sea lion!
There's still a lot I haven't seen or done there, but I should have lots of time, as I have decided to move out there. I flew back to pack up my stuff, and soon I'll hit the road and drive back out there. I should be just in time for the fall festivals.

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