Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still waiting...

Well, it's April and I'm eager to go. I'm researching where in Europe I'd like to go (see my list link in lower right) but there's just too much for one year. I'll try to get to as many as I can. In the meanwhile it all depends on when the house sells. As soon as it does, I'm outta here!


Anonymous said...


Good luck with your conquest of the world. What a pity that you do not have flight benefits. Perhaps I will meet up with you in some remote location of the world.

James aka caliviajero (cali hometown in Colombia)

Anonymous said...

Gozer, say hello to Sam when you get to London...and send Ruth and I a telegram. We'll miss you this summer!

Anonymous said...

Gozer, if you get over here to the continent and run out of dough just send me a telegram and I'll wire you $20,000! 'stop' Hee Haw!
Sam W.

Anonymous said...

You're a 40 foot marshmallow man?
Mr Stay Puff :)

Nimble little minks.

Bharpo said...

go conquer the world and while you're out those animals in need!!! thanks