Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holland-days sauce

Hello again. It's been 2 days since the post below. After that last night, I slept for quite some time, interrupted only to get up to eat the free breakfast buffet (I was starving). It was cold & rainy so I went back to bed. I missed the weekend market in the square, but there's always more of those in Europe.
Then yesterday evening I met the rest of the tour group at our first meeting. I nice bunch of people, just like the last ones. (Rick Steves tourists tend to be mostly like that, I think.) They include several couples (including a cute young pair about to get married, and their moms) and a few singles of all age ranges, 21 people in all. We immediately went out for a brief guided tour by a local, who gave us great info on the local architecture & history, along with some good jokes. Then we had a great dinner together at--of all places--an Indonesian restaurant! (We were a bit surprised but it was very good.) Afterwards some of us went to one of the many pubs around the square and tried a few Belgian beers (better than the Dutch ones). Yes, I had recovered enough to to a bit of tasting (in the name of international relations, of course).
Next morning my little travel alarm didn't go off and I nearly missed the group's guided trip into Amsterdam where we first went to the Anne Frank house (very moving), explored a bit, had lunch in a V&D food emporium, a quick look at the Rembrandts of the Rijksmuseum (their National Gallery), and a brief rest stop at a cafe before taking a canal cruise. The sun came out by then and it was very pretty.
Then we all went back and split up to have dinner in small groups, including 3 girls, my roommate Larry and me. (Turns out Larry snores like a buzz saw and, to help me out, is getting his own room from now on so I can get some sleep-- rather decent of the chap, I think.)
Then I had a last late-night gelato and a chat at a cafe in front of the cathedral with one of the girls. The square was almost empty and it was very quiet; not a bad way to start the tour.
Anyway tomorrow we finally board out tourbus and head into Germany for the historic town of Bacharach (google it). See you there!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting Dave. I hope the dollar is as strong as ever for you. I too went on the Eurostar a few years ago. I actually got to tour the cockpit while on my way to Paris. Enjoy your trip and good luck selling your house.

James aka viajero

Anonymous said...


Tom B (from 8517 Cottage st) here. I noticed on the tour itinerary that you go thru Arnhem. I remember that from that movie -> "A Bridge too Far" of being the last bridge that the allies tried to get in Operation Market Garden (the allies didn't get it). They should have some cool stuff there. Take care and I am jealous, Tom