Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fiji Time

Fiji was like a Caribbean island, only a lot farther away. I didn't actually see much of "the mainland" as they call the main island, but went right out to a resort on one of the small outer islands, Waya. It was just like I pictured it would be-- lots of coconut palms, thatched rooms (buras) on the beach, warm water for snorkeling, and a laid back, easygoing attitude (Fiji Time). When I arrived at the resort I took my shoes and watch off, and didn't put them on again until I left. It was only two days, but they were gloriously relaxed. My only regret is that I didn't have more time there.

I went on a scuba dive, got a beachside massage, and snorkeled over the coral reef right off the beach, which was my favorite-- when you scuba, you're constantly checking your gauges, keeping an eye on your dive buddy, and worried about your air; when you snorkel, it's just you flying over the reef, watching the fish. Picture one of those really cool aquariums you see in pet stores, full of pretty coral and lots of different exotic fish. It was like swimming in that. What could be better?

And the sunsets were pretty spectacular too. I took lots more photos like this.
There were lots of great people, like Chad & Dave from Jersey, gorgeous Ange from Australia (whom I got to dance with at the "Meke"), and two pretty German girls whose names I never got, but managed to get in a picture with them!

Unfortunately, I also got a bad sunburn from that second snorkel swim. I know, stupid of me, but I didn't plan on being in the water that long. Anyway it was so painful I had to do a bit of home first-aid that night, wetting towels and laying them on my back.
So needless to say, my last night in Fiji wasn't too "hot" (sorry, couldn't resist), but the next day was a nice day of relaxing on planes, going to Sydney to see my first glimpse of Australia.

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ang said...

hi dave!
it's great reading your blog and glad you're having a good time. i'm back from fiji and a little sad that i had to leave, only to return to a cold and grey sydney. ten glorious days of snorkelling, relaxing and generally being treated like a princess just wasn't enough. i cried the morning i left waya. i made some very good friends from the village, one of them an elder, and have been invited back...if i could, i'd pack up here and go back in a heartbeat...i'm seriously thinking about it! please don't give up on the snorkelling...just find someone to rub some sunscreen on your back or, better still, invest in a rash vest to wear while you're in the water.
it was a real pleasure meeting you, and thanks for dancing with me at the meke.
happy travels