Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's in Sydney

It's only now St. Patrick's day here in Sydney; I guess I'm one day behind you guys. I stopped by a pub to have a Guinness (I felt duty-bound, as I am, after all, one-eighth Irish), but since I didn't know anyone it wasn't much fun, so I left afterwards. I actually hardly go out at night, not only because I'm too tired after touring all day, but also I'm just not that interested in it. I'm especially not into it these past few days, as I'm not feeling to great with the sunburn I got in Fiji, and just road fatigue. I always seem to wind up walking for miles, even when I try not to: today in Sydney I bought an all-day ticket for an "Explore Sydney" bus that covers all the main sights of town and you can hop on & off. At first it worked great; I hopped of at Darling Harbor and caught the next one, then again at Mrs. Macquarie's Point to walk through the Botanic Gardens. Then once more at the Museum of Australia, but somehow wound up walking all the way home to my hotel, for various reasons.
Anyway, I'm glad I did, because I saw a lot I wouldn't have, which I'll write more about in the next blog. And now I'm in bed with a show on TV about how climate change is affecting Australia. The country is very concerned about it, and it's already crippling some farmers. They even have a Minister for Climate Change-- Penny Wong, who, after hearing the disturbing UN report on glacial melting, is going to present a plan for Australia to reduce carbon emissions. Isn't that great? Can you imagine the idiots in the White House appointing a Secretary of Climate Change? Of course not-- that would be admitting that there actually is a problem! Ol' George could larn a thing or two from these here Aussies.
So, while the rest of the world is trying to create solutions to the problem, the U.S. administration, led by the President, is hiding its collective head in the sand and pretending it needs "further study"-- while U.S. oil companies continue to make record profits. I wonder if they're even required to donate a tiny fraction of all those billions to do any research at all to try to find solutions for global warming. Anyone know?
Might be something to ask back there in the states. After all, it's YOUR tax dollars paying their wages. They work for you. Maybe it's time we all reminded them of that.
P.S. Also, has Bush said anything at all in protest to the corrupt, cruel, crappy Chinese government for its treatment of brave little Tibet? No, that might hurt his business buddies, which is the only important thing to him.

Sorry-- in the words of Dennis Miller, I think, therefore I rant.

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Betsy said...

Hey Dave,
My God FIJI looks glorious!!! Wish I coulda been there. Anyway, hope you enjoy Sydney- try to take a harbour cruise or a cruise to Manly beach. Sounds like you are doing well so safe....and don't Lose Anything!!!
Your Sis- Betsy